How to Play

Just 6 easy steps and you'll be enjoying the best basketball contest online...

Step #1: Create an Account

Head over to the Registration page and complete the information to create your own account. Why do we collect all that info? So we can contact you if and when you win a prize. Don't worry, we don't give out your information to anyone! Please be sure to read and accept Official Rules during registration process.

Step #2: Research the match-ups

Each week Athlon Sports provide you with weekly news items about the the latest leading up to and through the tournament.

Step #3: Create your bracket

When you're ready to create your bracket, click on the My Picks tab and make your selections through the National Championship game. Finally, predict the National Championship's total combined score and rebounds (we use these as a tiebreaker) and then click "Submit Picks." Simple.

Step #4: Check your picks history

As soon as you submit your picks, you will be brought to a confirmation screen and will also be emailed a copy of your selections. The confirmation screen is your receipt that you have made picks and we've recorded them. Feel free to print it out. If you want to be doubly sure, you can check the My Picks page, where each round's picks will be displayed.

Step #5: Check the standings

After each game is over, log back in and check your bracket. While you'll know as soon as you login how you did from the Statbox (usually located in the top right corner, providing points and rank for the most recent round and cumulative), you should check the Standings page to see who finished above and below you.

Step #6: Challenge Your Friends

Looking for something a little more personal? Go to the Leagues page and create or join a Challenge League. Each league can have from 5-100 members and you can belong to up to 5 leagues. They also have a private message board so league members can talk smack while competing head to head. There are no prizes at stake, but bragging rights can be worth an awful lot!